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Two Bit Matrix – A Top of the Line Internet Advertising/Marketing Opportunity For Only 50 cents. Plus an additional option to earn 400,000,000 Text Ads and 400,000,000 Banner Ads, when you complete the system all by using house money. (No additional money out of your pocket) You pay only 50 cents one time!

The payment processors that we accept are as follows. Simply click the link to register for any ones that you do not currently use. Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Net Spend and Bitcoin. Register for as many as possible so you do not lose any payments.

We can no longer accept Paypal payments. However, if you would still like to utilize Paypal, you may do so at your own risk on our upgrade page. First thing you need to know is that, there is no requirement to recruit members for money at Two Bit Matrix. It is an advertising site with the cheapest advertising in the world.

After advertising is purchased by anyone who registers, that person has already gotten their money's worth. If that person decides that he or she may know other people who would like cheap advertising, They are compensated with 100% commissions for that referral.

If you are looking for cheap advertising, this is the place to be. If you are looking to make money, that can be done here as well.

You are not required spend your money, to try to make money. If you make money here, it is simply an added bonus. You are merely purchasing advertising on our high traffic web site. However, you can make a lot of money here if you can pay attention, follow instructions, and apply yourself.

It's entirely up to you, if after you use our service here, you are happy with the service, to tell all of your friends relatives, neighbors and contacts. Your money NEVER touches our hands. That being said...

Only one referral is needed for you to break even. Two referrals will double your initial investment. After that, you will be forcing your referrals to make money and they will love you for it.

Seriously, if you don't know two people who have 50 cents who would like to advertise their services while making thousands of dollars, please do NOT expect to make money here. Sorry but true!

When you first start searching for a way of making money online, you are being bombarded with lots and lots of ways – easy money schemes that claim to be very powerful, especially if you want to get rich easily.

But not all of these can offer you great results, thus it is essential for you to choose the most reliable and effective Internet marketing opportunity. Isn't that what you're looking for?

Well look no further. For a one time payment of 50 cents, Two Bit Matrix can be the best option – a program that has a lot to offer! Who would not want to have instant money into their accounts?

You want that too, right? Well Two Bit Matrix has got your back. Earn more and more money over and over again by investing only 50 cents! After that, you're playing with house money.

Most internet marketers, main priority is to look for the best opportunity online that can offer them a chance to make money easily and quickly without the need for prior experience and know how. The Two Bit Matrix unique pay plan can actually pay you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars very quickly, once you become a member.

First Things First

You absolutely MUST read everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that has been written on our website or I can not help you. Most questions that you may have are answered with these pages.

So before you ask for help, make sure that you have read and studied these pages very carefully. If there's something that is not covered, or something that you don't understand, I will gladly assist you in any way I can. There is a translator on the site so there are no excuses.

I'm sorry but I don't have time for people who are not serious enough about their business to read and understand everything there is to know about it.

BEFORE you join, you MUST white list our admin email (admin@twobitmatrix.com) or you will NOT receive your confirmation email message and your money, your business, all will be lost. If you don't know how to white list, go here for instructions now.

Two Bit Matrix is a member to member payment program. That means that we will never touch your money. We are a member just like you. So if you would like a refund after you upgrade, you will have to ask the member that you paid. In some cases we may refund your money. No other matrix program will offer you this.

We have spent a lot of time and money, setting up this program for people who have a hard time recruiting and making money on the internet. You will pay nothing for software, hosting, domain names, customer service, upgrades, etc. We have taken care of all of that for you so all you have to do is pay 50 cents and you're in business.

That being said, please have patience if you encounter any issues. We have done our best to make this system fool proof and care free. However, you will be dealing with members from all over the world, experienced and inexperienced alike. Please try to resolve any issues with your up line/down line before you contact support. Otherwise, we will help in any way we can.

We currently accept several types of payment processors and we will be adding more as time goes by. When you register for free you will receive an email, giving you several options for sending and receiving payments. There is something for everyone.

Two Bit Matrix As A Forced Matrix
  • Every affiliate actually has a limited number of members in his/her direct down line.
  • Spill under and Spillover help you grow your business even faster.
What About the Earning Formula?

The initial payment to your up line will only be 50 cents and you have several payment options. Two Bit Matrix starts with a 2x2 forced matrix down line structure with 10 tiers, or phases. (10 Separate matrices).

As you continue through the tiers, each tier pays you more and more money, creating momentum up to the 10th tier creating more income and wealth for you.

When you complete this system, you will have received almost 4 billion solo ads and 4 billion banner ads to any website that you choose. Plus you'll get instant access to excellent master resale rights products... and the opportunity to earn over $2,000,000 for an initial investment of only 50 cents.

This is the most realistic compensation plan you will ever find because it doesn't require anyone to try to fill a matrix with hundreds of people on the bottom line with an unobtainable payout. It has been designed to be quick and easy for the average person to earn an above average income . Click Here to see our compensation plan and structure.

Why Two Bit Matrix?
  • The program offers high quality products
  • 100% of your profits will be delivered straight into your payment processor.
  • The program is an automated system, so you don’t have to worry about the processes. Our system will process all the orders and will send 100% of your sales directly into your personal account.
  • With this program, you have every chance to generate huge income!
  • It is a technologically advanced system, meaning you don’t really have to be equipped with technical know-how before you start earning money.

What Makes Two Bit Matrix Different From The Rest?

When it comes to our system:
  • The program requires the smallest entry commitment than all other similar types.
  • It is ideal for beginners – those who want to tap the Internet profitability without the high risk investment.
  • You keep 100% of your commission profits. Not even our company, Two Bit Matrix, will touch your earnings.
  • No one ever touches your money except for you, making it fool proof and scam free. You can't scam yourself, can you?
  • The products that you receive will be more valuable and plentiful than from any other company by comparison.
  • It helps keep down line members well informed until they’re ready to take on the higher paying tiers.
Here Is The Problem With Most Matrices

Most matrices are set up for failure right from the start because they are too wide and, or too deep. They use 3x4, 4x4 or even wider, deeper levels in the matrix. This means that each distributor MUST sign on three or more distributors and those three MUST sign on three or more and so on, down to the specified level, in order to fill the matrix, making it virtually impossible to obtain.

According to a recent study, the average MLM distributor will sign up only 2.6 (our study came up with even less)So if your matrix is wider than two, the odds are you will never see a drop of spill-over.

What makes Two Bit Matrix any Different?

We have implemented the 2x2 matrix system. That means that takes only 7 members to fill your matrix. Each distributor only needs to sign up 2 distributors so the odds of filling you matrix increases exponentially because according to our study, the average MLM distributor..... YOU, can do this.

In addition, we not only offer you 1 matrix, but a ten tier high speed matrix system. As each matrix, or tier fills, you have the option to move to a higher tier at any time by utilizing the profit that you have accumulated in your current tier. This means higher earnings for you.

You may opt out and leave the tier system with you earnings at any time. But, as we explained earlier, because of our unique rapid fire matrix system, the spillover should fill your matrix before you even know it. So you and your down line will be more apt to stick around for the long haul.

Although we have done our best to make this system fool proof and hands free, you should always go into any MLM opportunity with the attitude that you are going to build your organization, and any spill-over you receive should only be considered gravy. We are giving you the meat. You simply provide the gravy.

In addition, YOUR spillover to YOUR distributors will be more valuable to you since they will be the ones paying you. It will help you to retain your down line since they will appreciate the team work and work harder in return.

Did you ever toss a couple of quarters into a wishing well? Did you get your wish? Or did you work for it? I'm willing to bet, that if you got it, you worked for it! So why not work for this. It's this simple...think of the first two people who come to mind, who you know have 50 cents to spare, for a chance at making $1000's of dollars. I bet you thought of a lot more than two.

So, throw in your 50 cents. Then go find those people who you were thinking about.... the ones who have 50 cents that they can spare, and then go tell the rest of the world. Everyone has 50 cents that they can spare and you'll be surprised at how many, and how fast you can find them.

Why wait? Make the right move and start reaping profits online with Two Bit Matrix!